LYRICS: Dremo – Baby Sitter



    Got my hands full of money can’t even handshake
    I’m getting CAKE and no be sey na my BIRTHDAY
    I hold GROUND can make it SHAKE just like the EARTH QUAKE
    I’m still the mufucking best even in my worst day
    Head of Medusa on my feet
    If no be money conversation make it SHORT like a SKIT
    For those talking from the TOILET men you can’t tell me SHIT
    That’s SUCKS but I can see that they smelling DEFEAT
    Tell the BABY SITTER , OFF SET and leave DA BABY in the sitting room
    Off skirt let’s do a quickie cos I’m leaving soon
    I be the only one wey she dey listen to
    and when ever I’m calling shawty got me as her ringing tone
    Oh lord burst x3 all over baby
    She ain’t even come in my ride but still I drove her crazy
    Na kitchen counter she ride on the big stick
    I put the panties aside and the rest was history
    Now what you know about a NAIJA bobo
    Omo U.K go know wetin be NAIRA or KOBO when I POUND her
    She wants to OWN me like my FOUNDER
    CHANGE am for am like MR DAUDA
    Ya, burst it down thotiana
    Omo naijamericana
    Im on a low with a pie in Cubana

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