Lagos-based cosmetic surgeon absconds following patient’s death


A Lagos-based cosmetic surgeon identified as Dr. Anu is currently on the run after she reportedly carried out a cosmetic surgery on a client, resulting in her death.

The victim, Nne
Anu who is the owner of @med_contour on Instagram, (personal Instagram handle @sisi_any) was approached by Nne for a BLL, liposuction and fat transfer on December 31, 2018, and got complications from it.

It was reported that Anu who usually hires or imports foreign doctors to help her out with the surgeries, decided to personally do the procedure on the victim as she wanted to try her hands at what she had been seeing the doctors do.

Unfortunately, things became complicated leading to the victim’s death.

According to unconfirmed sources, Nne’s sister waited a long time for Anu to finish the procedure on her sister but decided to go into the theater and find out what the delay was. This was when she saw the almost lifeless body of her sister on the operating table with Anu by the side not knowing what more to do. Apparently the victim has fallen into a coma due to the complications from the surgery.

She was allegedly rushed to Vedic Hospital in Lekki and was put on life support. She was later moved to LUTH where she died on February 3, 2019. The medical reports say that fat had entered her lungs, leading to her death.

Several reports revealed that Anu who is an American citizen is not a certified surgeon but got clients due to her popularity in Lagos.

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It’s also gatehred that she called up other clients stating she was refunding their monies to them. She, however, is no where to be found. Insiders reveal that this is not her first mishap. According to them, she has done failed surgeries for two Lagos big girls which had to be corrected at another hospital. Anu has since gone private on both her business and personal accounts and details about her whereabouts are yet to be confirmed.

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